A way to soothe dental pain immediately

A way to soothe dental pain immediately,Everyone knows the severe tooth injury caused by decay, the pain of the teeth can radiate in other parts such as the ear, head and throat, causing severe pain that makes you lose your sleep and resort to painkillers, but this is not good, that's why I came to you in natural ways to reduce the pain of the teeth Serious, follow with me to find out the best dental treatment at home.

A way to soothe dental pain immediately

Treatment of severe molar pain with onions
Onion juice is one of the best natural remedies to treat natural tooth pain that you can try.It works like clove oil by killing germs in the oral cavity.Just cut the onion into small pieces and chew it for at least two to three minutes.

Treatment of dental pain at home with clove oil
Clove oil is effective because it can kill bacteria and has an anesthetic effect.Just applying it directly to the painful teeth will relieve the pain immediately, or if you have cloves, crush it and apply it on your sick teeth to relieve severe tooth pain.

Get rid of tooth pain with wheat lawn
All you have to do is chew the wheat lawn and make sure it stays on the painful teeth or use it as a mouthwash.White lawn is a powerful antibacterial, so it's also great to use it to prevent tooth decay.

Take some cannabis (green wheat plant), make juice and use it as a mouthwash or chew for two minutes, this method is very wonderful and is the best analgesic teeth.

Relieve toothache with black tea
Black tea greatly helps relieve inflammation. To use, apply a wet tea bag to the affected tooth a few minutes to relieve molar pain.

Peppermint tea to soothe tooth pain immediately
Peppermint tea you can drink to numb the pain from the painful teeth, it's best to use green leaves but you can also use dried leaves or a tea bag if that's what you have.

Relieve toothache with salt water
This is an easy remedy to soothe your teeth immediately.All you need is to dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in about 230 ml of water and gargle as you do to wash your mouth.This method is easy but effective to relieve the pain of tooth decay.

How to soothe the pain with salt and red pepper
Add a few drops of water to an equal amount of salt and pepper.Mix well until it becomes a paste.Put the paste over the aching tooth.This treatment is effective because salt is antibacterial, while pepper is anti-inflammatory.

Reduce the pain of tooth decay with ginger and red pepper
Ginger contains powerful plant nutrients that can fight infections, and red pepper acts as a painkiller, to make a paste, mix equal amount of pepper and ginger with water.

Put the paste on the painful teeth, you can use a cotton ball for this purpose, just note that this will be a little hot so try to keep it as much as possible.