toothache in pregnancy

Tooth pain leaves a strong feeling of sensitivity on the teeth and gums, and dental pain causes pain in the jaws and face in addition to swelling of the gum tissue, and if not treated, it can lead to the emergence of abscess under the teeth.Dental pain occurs in all ages, childhood or adults, according to the " mytooth " site , and most pregnant women are also affected by the problem of dental pain. Dental inflammation and gum swelling during pregnancy usually cause pain in the teeth, which put pressure on the body of a pregnant mother, and it can also Pain affects the fetus.
toothache in pregnancy
toothache in pregnancy
toothache in pregnancy

Causes of toothache during pregnancy

1- Hormonal changes: During pregnancy, hormonal changes from estrogen and progesterone occur. These hormonal changes can lead to some physical changes in the woman and may cause gingival swelling, which makes it easy to accumulate food particles on swollen gum tissue, which may develop into gum infection And pain in the teeth.

2- Low calcium: Pregnancy reduces the level of calcium in the body, because the fetus needs a greater amount of calcium for its bone growth, so if the mother suffers from a lack of calcium in her body, she can suffer from dental pain.

3- Pregnancy: Gingivitis is the common symptom during pregnancy. The cause of gingivitis is pregnancy. The bacterial attack on the gums, which causes softness, swelling in the gums, and swelling.
Tips to relieve dental pain in pregnancy

Rinsing the mouth with water and salt: rinsing the mouth with water after each meal can be an effective treatment for toothache to relieve pain during pregnancy, the rinse helps to soothe the pain and remove bacteria from the mouth. 1 cup of lukewarm water, rinse it.

Cloves: Cloves are the most effective treatment for toothache, as a piece of cloves is placed between the painful teeth, or the use of clove fluid by placing it in the mouth on the teeth where the pain is, through a cotton swab.

Ice: put some ice in a plastic bag and wrap it with a cotton cloth or towel, then place it on the place of the tooth pain, this will help to numb the pain and cold drinks can also be used.

Diet: be careful during pregnancy and avoid consuming sugar, which can boost bacterial plaque growth.

* Attention to oral hygiene: Care must be taken during pregnancy more with daily oral hygiene, to prevent common dental problems such as gingivitis, through the use of the appropriate brush and putty and medical thread twice daily.