Treatment of tooth decay at home

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems of all ages. It is caused by bacteria that are naturally present in the mouth and feed on sugar mainly and then secrete an acid that dissolves the tooth wall leading to caries. So we offer you this article on the treatment of tooth decay at home with quick recipes and easy to prepare:
Treatment of tooth decay at home
Treatment of tooth decay at home

Treatment of cavities
Clove helps to sterilize teeth from bacteria and reduces the spread of caries.You can use it by chewing cloves or rinsing the water mixture with clove oil.

Treatment of caries with salt:
A rinse with a water solution and a spoonful of salt can reduce the spread of caries because of its ability to sterilize teeth, and can reduce the pain caused by caries, which makes the brine one of the best methods used since ancient times.

Garlic tooth decay treatment:
Garlic is known for its ability to resist bacteria, so chewing a tooth of raw garlic daily is one of the most important ways to fight tooth decay.

Treatment of tooth decay with turmeric:
Turmeric can reduce gum infections, which significantly reduces tooth decay.Turm can be used as a basic treatment for caries by applying turmeric to the affected tooth for several minutes and then rinsing it with water, or you can make a mixture of turmeric with mustard oil and applied to the teeth for several minutes Then the teeth are rinsed.

Treatment of tooth decay with natural herbs:
There are many natural herbs that have the ability to fight tooth decay, including:

Green tea to treat tooth decay: by drinking tea without sweetening where green tea is an antioxidant that helps to reduce caries.

Indian purple to treat tooth decay: Madam you can use purple by rubbing the leaves juice with gums and teeth or by using a toothpaste containing Neem or Indian purple.

Nutmeg to treat tooth decay: You can use it by squeezing the nutmeg and mixing it with clove oil and put it on the affected teeth and leave it for several minutes before rinsing.

Toothache is one of the most annoying things that can stop you from working and continuing your normal life.Therefore, Madam, we recommend that you use dental caries treatment at home.These simple treatments can alleviate the severe pain clearly in addition to attention to teeth and cleaned on a daily basis and avoid eating sugars that feed on them Bacteria.