Use alternative medicine and treat dental pain with natural recipes

Dental pain is one of the most difficult types of pain that affects a person, and sometimes it is the result of an abscess, cavity or a specific problem in the teeth, but the feeling of pain is difficult to bear because it affects the eye, nose and brain.
Dental pain treatment Health provides some natural recipes for getting rid, eliminating and treating dental pain, including:

dental pain
Use alternative medicine and treat dental pain

1- Treating cloves toothache:
Cloves are one of the best natural recipes that contribute greatly to the treatment of dental pain, so there are several ways to get relief from dental pain, as it works as a natural analgesic, and they are:
- You can take a few drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and put it on the place of pain and rub it well so that the pain will ease
- Putting a little clove powder on the teeth that make you feel pain, you will feel the difference.
- You can put a pill of cloves and chew them, until you get rid of the pain.the teeth

2- Treating dental pain with salt water:
Put a cup of boiling water added to it a spoonful of salt, and rinse your mouth thoroughly by rinsing the mouth, and you should repeat doing this for at least 30 seconds at twice a day.
the teeth ...

3- Treating dental pain with mint:
Peppermint has a good effect in treating dental pain, and this is done by boiling a tablespoon of the radiation and taking a little of it which is hot and rinsing the mouth well with it, or taking a little drink by dropping the pain site.

4- Treating dental pain with tea:
Tea "baguette" is one of the basic drinks in the life of Egyptians, so you can take advantage of baguette and place it on the place of pain. You will see the difference and relieve the pain.
the teeth

5- Treating toothache with snow:
Put small ice cubes in a plastic bag, and wrap a piece of cloth, put it on the place of pain in the teeth, for 20 minutes and your pain will soothe in very little time, because when you send cold signals to the brain, it translates beyond the pain that a person feels.

6- Treating toothache with vinegar:
You can put a small piece of butter paper intended for cooking, in a cup full of vinegar, take the paper and put a little pepper on it, put the paper on the teeth, and you will see the difference and relieve the pain in very little time.