Cleaning Teeth From Tartar At Home In Three Easy Ways

Cleaning teeth from tartar at home, we all want white and healthy teeth, but due to our diet, our harmful habits such as smoking cigarettes or excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks and very long visits to the dentist, the whites of our teeth are wasted, which gives way to plaque build-up. However, many recommendations can help you ensure a white smile and healthy teeth. I offer you an effective way to properly clean teeth from tartar.

Cleaning teeth from tartar at home

Cleaning teeth from tartar at homeOne of the best tips for cleaning your teeth and reducing yellowing is to mix these three powerful ingredients:
sodium bicarbonate, lemon, and hydrogen peroxide.

Sodium bicarbonate and lemon to clean teeth from tartar

Thanks to their whitening properties, they will help you get the best results.

To prepare this natural mixture, you will need to make a mouthwash by mixing equal proportions of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, then adding a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and mixing it well. Use this mixture as a mouthwash for one minute every night, and you will notice instant results.

Removing dental plaque with salt

Home toothpaste is also an effective tooth cleaning advice, and it will help you make them whiter and healthier.
Mix a spoonful of fine salt with a few drops of lemon in a plastic bowl until it forms a paste. Brush your teeth gently with this mixture three times a day.
Salt and lemon help remove stains, however, it is important to brush your teeth gently to avoid damaging the gums.

Teeth cleaning with floss

If your problem is tartar build-up, the best advice for brushing your teeth is also the most common: use dental floss.

This tool allows us to remove scale between the teeth, an area that our toothbrush would not normally penetrate. It is recommended to use it once a day, preferably in the evening. It's normal for your gums to bleed at first, but once you get used to it and remove tartar, it will stop.

Brushing your teeth with sodium bicarbonate and mineral waterA mixture of bicarbonate and water is also a tooth-cleaning tip, as it removes stains and helps whiten them. You only need to mix a spoonful of bicarbonate and a little mineral water to form a paste that allows you to clean your teeth. Use it once a day to whiten tooth enamel and get a beautiful smile.

These were easy ways to whiten the teeth and remove the lime accumulated on the teeth, but they do not prevent you from consulting your doctor, as he is more aware of your condition.