Treatment of knee pain with olive oil

Do you suffer from persistent back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or muscle pain? The pain sometimes increases so much that it affects your daily activities and continues to restrict your movement as well. So, how do we get rid of these pains? If you are one of the sufferers and are looking for the best way to get rid of pain, you should try the mixture of salt and olive oil. Helps treat pain effectively.

Treatment of knee pain with olive oil

Treatment of knee pain with olive oil You may have tried various over-the-counter medications or pain relievers to get instant pain relief. Well, this may provide immediate relief but if you are looking for a long-term pain reliever, salt and olive oil should be the first choice now.
All you need are these two ingredients:

1. Salt:
Salt is a rich source of minerals such as potassium and magnesium. It helps reduce stress and balance the level of calcium in the body, which helps in strengthening the bones and relieving pain. It also helps relieve water retention, too.

2. Olive oil:
On the other hand, olive oil contains a compound that removes inflammation and thus helps relieve pain.

How to treat knee pain with olive oil and salt Preparation:
Take about 10 tablespoons of high-quality salt.
Take about 12 to 15 teaspoons of olive oil (preferably extra-virgin olive oil).
Mix the two ingredients in a glass container, then close the bowl.
Keep this for two days under normal temperature.
Now the mixture is ready for use.

How to use:
Once you wake up in the morning, take a little bit of this mixture and then apply it to the affected area.
Rub it gently for 2 to 3 minutes. Slowly massage your knee for two minutes daily.
Rub the area with a clean soft towel. When you're done, if you see a rash appear, spray some mild baby powder.
Within 10 to 15 days, you can see the difference and the pain will gradually go away.